Yes, Safe Eyes is Windows 8 Ready

Windows 8, Internet Filtering, Parental Controls, Safe Eyes, McAfee, Teens Online, Monitoring Your Kids OnlineWith the release of Windows 8 out today, we’d like to assure Safe Eyes customers that our top-ranked Internet filtering software works in sync with this upgrade without any technical worries on your end.

This is important and here’s why: Parental control products that are not Windows 8-compatible can malfunction and cause the protection offered by the software to be compromised. Specifically, parental control software that is not compatible will not filter content delivered through the Windows 8 browser, even though the software can be successfully installed. Thus, parents should ensure that whatever software they choose to protect their children online is fully Windows 8 ready.

If your current filtering software isn’t upgrade ready—or if you’ve yet to protect your family computers—then making the switch to Safe Eyes is a breeze. Just click here to switch from your current filtering software, to Safe Eyes.

To purchase Safe Eyes for the first time, browse our site, and get started today. It’s easy!

Safe Eyes covers what concerns you:

  • Block 35 Categories of Sites
    Control web content by category, key word, or specific site.
  • YouTube® Filtering
    Allow access to YouTube® while protecting against inappropriate videos.
  • Social Network Monitoring
    Track when personal information is posted online to sites like Facebook.
  • Time Controls
    Set schedules for when the Internet can be used and for how long.


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